New Accommodation!

We are thrilled to announce a unique and innovative accommodation proposal for people with a disability and it will be ready for the first tenants around June of this year!

This accommodation project is made possible with the help of a local developer, Tony Felisina and his family who have agreed to build to our needs and then rent the premises back to Flexi for around 25 years.

Itis a showcase of how a small community can plan, and achieve, flexible accommodation options for people with disabilities, with services integrated with social and community based activities for the most vulnerable in our community.

The services will be flexible according to need:  expanding and contracting according to the resident�s requirements. It will be built on Chippendale St, AYR, and is designed to be self sufficient in a natural disaster and fully environmentally sustainable, and accommodate between 12 and 15 people.

Funding for service delivery (Social Support, Personal Care, Living Skills etc) will be in accordance with existing funding sources available. It is designed for individuals who want to move into a home with additional support options or need to be transitioned from home due to their carer�s age or health. It is a place for people who just want to live somewhere that is safe and supported

We are inviting individuals who would like to contribute to something completely unique, to participate in developing a Public Private Partnership, with units being available to rent.

Services will be provided through Flexi as well as other agencies in the community and residents will be encouraged to continue in paid employment, as well as voluntary activities, and to participate fully in community activities. Flexi will continue to provide services that will be flexible and responsive; from no or minimal support to 24/7.

We are also determined to ensure, that as far as possible, we create the best opportunities for people with disabilities to age in their own home. That services are tailored to the needs of the individual where they live, rather than the user having to move to new accommodation as their physical and mental health changes.

This will be a safe place where options include:

  • Parents and adult children can live close together or the community and the Aged Care facilities are about 1km away. Each retain their own privacy;
  • Parents with disabilities can live with their children;
  • A couple with disabilities can rent a unit to live in;
  • High needs accommodation for people with complex disabilities and for younger people who might otherwise be forced to move into a nursing home.

What this is NOT:

  • This is NOT a quasi hospital – full Medical Services will not be provided � but we will contract community nurses for acute, short term care as required and practical.
  • It is NOT an institution.
  • It is NOT a controlled environment
  • It is NOT a gated community � it is a safe community.
  • It is where we get involved in the wider community

If you have any questions � please feel free to contact Brenda-Anne.