Visiting QLD?

For overseas visitors – or folk who are not registered with QLD Disabilities and Community Care – if you are holidaying in Queensland and would like a support person to help you with your holiday dreams – how does this sound: Our qualified staff rates begin at A$35.00/hr. We can help you meet up with a number of our Team so you can select those people who you feel comfortable and enjoy talking with. We do this through Skype once you have paid a non-refundable deposit. (This just stops the wacko’s of the universe wasting our time!!) You and/or family can arrange to book our self-contained Two bedroom Unit costs A$100 per night or A$500 a week (7 nights). This is really popular – so best off giving us heaps of notice! Or, perhaps, better still…. why not join one of our fabulous Flexi Holidays We can meet you off the plane and help you catch you flight home. Call us and let’s see what we can dream up together!