The Flexi Philosophy old

In 2009-2010, Flexi Queensland undertook a series of formal and informal discussions with Service Users, their Families and Carers, Staff and members of the Board. Through an organisational planning day, monthly parents and friends get-togethers, and informal discussions, we discussed and developed the following:

  • Services that make up Flexi Queensland’s core business;
  • Prioritised activities within our core business;
  • Models of service;
  • Gaps in service delivery;
  • Future developments;
  • and big picture thinking.

We called our model of service delivery The Flexi Philosophy an Evolving Model of Service.

The model sits squarely in Strengths Based Theory and Practice, connected with the Mental Health Recovery Model for our Mental Health services.

The Model is also based on the teachings of Michael Kendrick and focuses on meeting the evolving needs of service users.

Flexi Queensland is service user driven and find ways to make things happen. We focus outwards into the community not inwards to ourselves, we look to the community for accessing services not to us to provide duplicate services and we will focus on finding ways to provide supports which do not exist to meet the ongoing needs of our service users.

We mean integration not interaction with the community and we mean participation not placement within the community.