Psych and Social Work Research

This is a GREAT organisation from which to kick off your academic career in human services research.

Whether you are a Social Worker, a Psychologist, Sociologist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist or even an activist! The Burdekin Community is a fantastic place to do research and for heaps of reasons.

Firstly it is an amazingly well-appointed community – it has theatre, music, sports of EVERY kind, some of the best shopping outside of Melbourne and so close to Townsville and a mere $200 flight from Sydney! Secondly, the people in the Burdekin are absolutely wonderful! With a population of 20 000 give or take, the majority are second or third generation. There is a gently moving 20% of people (teachers, police, public servants, researchers) that move in to and out-of-town and another tiny percentage who are the delight of the towns – the seasonal workers.

It is sometimes possible for us to provide transport between Ayr and Townsville and/or accommodation.

A perfect place to research! Here are some of the ideas that we have come up with that really need some academic grunt behind them so we can come up with some BEST PRACTICE in the field.

  • What are the issues facing families with a child who has a disability in rural communities?
  • What are the issues facing older people with disabilities in rural communities?
  • What are the psycho-social needs of older people with disabilities?
  • What are the accommodation issues for people with disabilities in rural areas?
  • What are the inherent conflicts between theories of community placement and community integration?
  • What are the effects of involuntary accommodation transfers of people with disabilities?

There you are – that’s my list for the time being – what are your ideas??