Adults – Independence, Development and Change

Anything the Young Adults can dream up – we support them to find ways to do it.

Through the pages of this website and it’s photo galleries, you can see something of what our Young Adults get up to.

We see our job as supporting our service users to develop new skills, grow the skills they have and push the boundaries of how much they can achieve. The goal is independence, doing ourselves out of job.

With each individual, their family and any other important persons in the individuals life, we develop an Individual Support Plan that sets out the goals and the kind of support the young person wants, with the view to support them to achieve their own goals in life and to identify the steps that it takes to get there.

This support might be a mixture of 1 to 1 support for some things like managing finances, cooking and personal care; and support to do things with their mates like fishing, clubbing, having a girls night in (or out) or to host BBQ and a movie. We help to discover the world of hobbies and interests and connecting to the community – theatre, concerts, sports, public speaking, singing, driving and anything that an individual enjoys.

We are able to offer support to assist people to transition to the next phase in their life, whether their  goal is to work, or to live independently. Transition supports encourages the individual to learn and become aware of the many elements to the change, like remembering to do the washing up, learning to shop and budget, meal planning and preparation or attention to detail tasks like grooming and personal hygiene.

We encourage social networks and friendships – understanding what friendships are – and are not. We help service users to stay connected or to reconnect with school friends, as well as making new friends.We offer guidance about healthy relationships and are not afraid of the difficult conversations, ensuring referrals are made to appropriate services that will meet the persons needs.

We support individuals and families to make informed decisions and how to manage risk in their day to day lives. We support them to develop informal networks and to connect to their community and access the services to meet their needs.