Children – ‘Junior’ Group

Flexi Queensland offers a range of after school, weekend and school holiday activities and programs for children.

Our ‘Junior’ program is based on the principal of having fun, whilst having positive interactions, social and community integration and living healthy and active lifestyles.

Flexi Queensland, rather than create their own activities, engages and integrates children into mainstream activities and holiday programs, including Air Cadets, PCYC and local libraries, both in the local and neighbouring communities.

The Junior Program, having run now for a number of years, has evolved and adapted with our Service Users, growing and challenging them as they grow and develop.

Flexi Queensland has the view of a whole of life approach to delivering supports and is able to engage with other stakeholders in a child’s life – such as schools and therapists – to deliver an integrated approach to their development.

If you are interested in participating in our Junior Program give us a call and we can talk with you about what we can offer or check out our access page for the more technical details around receiving supports.


Our role with children is also to support their parents and carers by providing information, resources and referral to various other services to meet their needs.

For parents/ carers that are new to the disability arena and are not sure where to start Flexi Queensland’s centre team members have a wealth of knowledge around navigating the service system, the important links to make and making the most of what is available, so give us a call.

Sometimes the caring role can become overwhelming and you may need a break – this is called Respite – and it’s okay to have one and to want one!


Flexi Queensland is always open to suggestions and ideas of activities for our Junior to participate in. If you are a parent/ carer or member of the community that would like to partner with Flexi, please give us a call or leave us a message below, we’d love to hear from you.